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Each webinar is hosted by Stockscores.com founder and professional trader, Tyler Bollhorn.

With his 25 years of trading experience, we are certain you will learn valuable lessons that will make you a better investor.

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Stockscores Strategy Focus Live Video Replay

Stockscores Strategy Focus Video Replay

This class moves beyond the theory and focuses on the details of trading the Stockscores strategies. This is a video replay of one of the live classes that Tyler will be teaching in May.

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We will apply the basic concepts to define a specific plan for your trading approach. During this one-day, live class, Tyler Bollhorn will take you through the following for each type of trader profile:

  • Strategy Rules
  • Process for identifying and evaluating opportunities
  • Money and risk management
  • Gauging risk versus reward
  • Prioritizing trades
  • Understanding the effect of the overall market
  • Maximizing profits on the best trades
  • Minimizing losses on the trades that are not working

    Trader Profiles

    Everyone has a different amount of time, capital, interest and focus that they can apply to trading the market. With that in mind, this class will create and define the trading plan with the components above for each of the following trader profiles:

    An investor who has less than 30 minutes a week, often only on the weekends, to identify trading opportunities and manage holdings on trades that play out over months or years.

    Active Investor
    An investor who has the less than 30 minutes a day, often after the market is closed, to identify trading opportunities and manage holdings on trades that play out over weeks or months.

    Swing Trader
    For the Active Trader who can devote 1 – 2 hours a day to trading, primarily early in the trading day or in the evenings, to actively trade the hot stocks capable of trends that last a few days to a few weeks.

    Part Time Day Trader
    For the day trader who can focus on trading for a few hours a day and casually monitor holdings through the rest of the day. How to pick the right times to trade and then manage holdings when not in front of a computer.

    Full Time Day Trader
    For the person who wants to make a career out of day trading and can devote most of the day to trading. How to identify and execute high quality trades while considering the state of the overall market. When to trade aggressively, patiently and when to do nothing.

    What You Get
  • Video Replay of one of the live classes taught in May
  • Attendance at the Foundation Overview webinars Wednesday May 1 and Thursday May 2 (6:00 pm – 7:30pm PST)
  • Attendance at the Investor Market Scanning webinars Monday May 6, Tues May 7 and Wed May 8 (6pm – 7pm PST)
  • Video recordings of all webinars
  • Video recording of the live class (computer screen and voice)

    Price - $395 for Active Trader or Investor members of Stockscores. Non members should first purchase the course of their choice and then purchase this series.

    Investor members who attend this class will see tools and services that are only available to Active Trader members and will need to upgrade to the Active Trader course in order to utilize those tools and services.

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  • Active Live for June 2019

    Tuesday May 28 - Friday Jun 28 

    Click this link for a video overview of Active Live

    Active Live provides: 
    •    Pre market market assessment starting at 9:25 am ET.
    •    Simple Swing strategy alerts all day, calculated every 13 minutes.
    •    Real time Stockscores DayTrader strategy trades using the DayTraderFinder, available only with the Active Live webinars. This completely automated algorithmic process will find all valid DayTrader trades, long and short, from 9:30 – 3:30 ET. 
    •    At 3:30 ET, I provide the results of my Action Breaks strategy search, highlighting stocks that I think have good potential as swing or position trades. 
    •    Following the Action Breaks discussion, I review the previous day’s trades and offer tips for optimizing the Active Trader strategies.

    Trading is risky, do not take risk money you can not afford to lose. Tyler is not a licensed investment advisor and his trades are made for educational purposes only. Only consider trades you believe in. 
    If you have an issue logging in or hearing sound, try rebooting your computer and then log in again. 
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