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I have been having a great couple of weeks and wanted to share. Bought HBM (this is one Canadian commodity that I love to watch and buy on dips etc.) March 26: 12000 shares @ $21.30 sold this am for average of $25.72 total profit of $53,000.00 (WOW, this one made me happy)

- M. Bell

I participated in the most recent Stockscores live course in Calgary this past weekend and just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with your presentation. Although the information can become a little overwhelming at times I felt that you made it as understandable as possible.I am new to stock trading and feel very fortunate to being able to access all the information available on your website and apply it with already proven strategies for succeeding in the market.

- B. Read

"The money spent on the class was the best money I ever spent on education. and I spent quite a few dollars on MBA. M.Sc."  

- F. Alpopi

"Thanks for the energy and insight that you put into your daily and weekend newsletters. I find they are an excellent source of information and discipline that I use to become a better trader."

- R. Chubey

"... just want to thank you for giving my head a shake back in August. I have made nothing but money using your scans since. Since your course, I have been averaging about $4,000 per week."

- B. Grier

I am globally very satisfied by your approach. I especially appreciate the long term sustainability of it. With hindsight, I believe it would have taken me just about 300 years of life to finally come up with what you have been teaching.

- J. Lavoie

Made a nice little profit in just over two weeks. Stockscores has been great in determining when to buy and when to sell. Thanks for everything.

- I.Grant

What I have learned through stockscores is allowing me to fulfill my dreams.

- J. Sangha

I have throughly enjoyed your course. I have ~$70,000 worth of stock computer programs and have FINALLY found a no-nonsense, down-to-earth approach to stock market trading.

- F. Willis

Stockscores training and system has provided a framework for trading which is working for me. The Stockscores filters consistently provide me with trading opportunities that have a higher probability of success.

- R. Goldbeck

Your website has amazing tools, especially for my stock trading strategy, and has saved me a lot of valuable time.

- B. Vasokay

Online we are up about 40% in two months and about 10% on our off line trading. Finding your info very helpful.

- B. Gaiser

I can say without a doubt that my purchase of the stockscores package in October was the best investment I have made. Of course, thanks to stockscores, I have made back that investment and more.

- C. Smith

I appreciate your clarity of thought and I find the newletter content both educational and motivational -- great additions to the foundation of my 'better investor' framework.

- L. Fawcett

Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed becoming a member of your site. Have been involved in a few before and none compare to the on- going client support you provide.

- J. Kelly