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Trading is simple, but it is not easy.

Stockscores founder Tyler Bollhorn has traded almost every day for over 25 years, earning him the highest level of trading experience. You can learn his techniques and processes to find trading and investing opportunities through one of the Stockscores trader training options.

Stockscores education is available instantly with your registration and accessible from your web enabled device. There are two course options, choose the one that fits your time availability, market interest and trading aspirations.

Getting StartedFree

Just getting started in stock market investing and trading? Utilize the free content of the Basic bundle to learn the basics of trading and how to use the many tools on

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Foundation - click here for a full list of modules in this bundle$995

At Stockscores, we are focused on developing and executing simple but effective trading strategies for all types of stock market participants. Before you can apply our strategies, you need to understand the core skills of the Stockscores Approach.

With the Foundation bundle, you will learn the essential skills for analyzing stocks, managing risk and executing trades using the Stockscores Approach.

Investor - click here for a full list of modules in this bundle$2495

For the Investor who wants to manage their own portfolio, Stockscores has developed strategies and process to identify position trading opportunities in stocks. Typically, this means hold periods of months or years with a commitment of 15 minutes a day, week or month for research (depending on the strategy, see below for more information).

Active Trader - click here for a full list of modules in this bundle$3495

There are stocks which make market beating moves every day and the Active Trader program gives you the insight to find them early and capitalize on them with minimal risk exposure.

For Day traders looking to be all in cash at each day's close or the Swing trader who wants to carry positions for up to two weeks, these Active Trading strategies, processes and tools can give you a distinct advantage in the market.