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Stocks Do Not Go Straight Up

Stocks Do Not Go Straight Up
Stockscores Foundation for the week ending November 2, 2020

In this week's issue:

In This Week’s Issue:

  • MoneyShow Virtual Presentation – The Secret to Picking Winning Stocks
  • Stockscores Market Minutes Video – How to Make Money from a Stock Market Crash
  • Stockscores Trader Training – Stocks Do Not Go Straight Up
  • Stockscores Feature Strategy – Do Nothing


MoneyShow Virtual Presentation – The Secret to Picking Winning Stocks

More than 90% of stocks that outperform the market with strong gains show this important characteristic when their up trend is starting. During the webinar, Stockscores founder Tyler Bollhorn will show what to look for and how to find it. Whether you are a long-term investor, a medium-term swing trader, or a short-term day trader, the signal is the same and essential to finding winning stocks early.

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Stockscores Market Minutes – How to Make Money from a Stock Market Crash

Yes, you can make money when the stock market crashes. This week, I show three ways to profit from a market correction before my regular market analysis and the day trade of the week on SQ.

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Commentary of the Week – Stocks Do Not Go Straight Up

When we buy a stock, we think the whole world must see the good things that we see. The truth is, for every stock we buy there is someone on the other side of the trade who disagrees with us. We should be humbled by the fact that for every trade, someone is going to be wrong.

You may buy a stock because you have learned something about the company that you think makes that company undervalued. The person selling to you may not know this new information and therefore does not believe that the stock is undervalued. They may know information that you do not know which makes them believe that the stock is actually overvalued.

These are called information asymmetries and they are the reason that trades in the stock market can happen. The buyer thinks the stock is undervalued and the seller thinks the stock is overvalued.

They are also the reason that companies with improving fundamentals do not go up steadily over time. Instead, most strong stocks will go up, then pull back, then go up, then pull back; they trade in this cycle which forms an upward trend line.

Emotion is a big factor in this trending trading pattern. When stocks go up quickly, investors are motivated by their fear of missing out and will chase the stock higher with their buying. This pushes the stock up too far, too fast and causes sellers to take profits and push the stock back down to rational level. The cycle of fear and greed brings a good deal of price volatility within an upward trend.

It is important to understand that information asymmetries and emotional decision making are at work in the market every day and on every stock because it can help us to know when to buy and sell strong trending stocks.

We should not chase a strong stock higher as it runs up and away from its trend line because it is likely going to pull back soon when the emotion wears off. Instead, we should buy on pull backs to the upward trend line because that is often when they make a bounce.

We should not sell just because there is some minor weakness that is merely a pull back in the longer term upward trend. Until the longer term upward trend line is broken, we should stick with the trade and be patient with the winner.

The only time to sell strength is when it is so strong that it makes the stock run in a parabolic trend up and away from the upward trend line. That is taking advantage of greed.

You can trade many ways around these driving forces of investor decision making but it requires thinking in ways that are not typical for an emotional human. Sell strength, buy weakness and understand that not everyone is making decisions with the same information.

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With the uncertainty of this week's US Presidential election, I recommend that only very short term traders make trades this week. For the rest, it is a good time to sit and wait for the market to figure out how it will react to the election results.

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