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Navigating the Stock Market Crash

Navigating the Stock Market Crash
Stockscores Foundation for the week ending March 21, 2020

In this week's issue:

Many are questioning how to deal with this stock market crash and what opportunities it may create. I am getting a lot of questions from Stockscores users so I have decided to do a webinar to try and help. During this webinar, I will give you my thoughts on this crash, what history teaches us about how crashes play out and highlight how you can benefit from this one. I will also answer your questions and try to bring some calm in to the discussion of a very volatile stock market. This event is free and is open to anyone but there is a maximum of 500 attendees. If that number is exceeded, a recording of the webinar will be emailed to everyone that registers.

I recommend everyone also watch my recent Market Minutes videos. Here are links to the past two, others can be found on the Stockscores YouTube channel (subscribe and click on the notifications bell to get email updates when I put up a new video)

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The Market

The stock market is extremely volatile which makes investing for the longer term difficult but also makes short term tradng lucrative. However, the volatility also means that trading requires even greater emotional control and skill. If you do not have that then I recommend you stay on the sidelines. Since information is changing so rapidly, making trading decisions based on information is dangerous. We are not smarter that the market itself so it is a critical time to pay attention to trends and price patterns as they are predictive. I will try to keep everyone updated with my weekly Market Minutes video and the webinar on Tuesday will hopefully help as well.

I think there is the potential for many people to suffer anxiety and stress through the COVID19 pandemic. If it is of any help, I will give you my thoughts on the market and remind everyone that disasters come and go but the market has always come back from them.


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Watch my recent Market Minutes videos for what I think we should be watching for to profit from the stock market crash. Below is an example of one of these pattern set ups from Friday's trading.


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