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Recent Stockscores Videos

Recent Stockscores Videos
Stockscores Foundation for the week ending November 5, 2018

In this week's issue:

In This Week’s Issue:

  • Stockscores’ Market Minutes Video – Is the Stock Market Correction Over?
  • Stockscores Trader Training – My Recent Webinar Videos
  • Stock Features of the Week – Abnormal Breaks


Stockscores Market Minutes – Is the Stock Market Correction Over?

Markets bounced back from support this week, but does this mean the stock market correction is over? This week, I look at the charts to answer that question and discuss a Friday day trade on GoPro (GPRO). Click here to watch.

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Stockscores Trader Training – Webinar Videos

I have done a lot of webinars over the past two weeks and each is now available for video replay on the Stockscores YouTube channel. Here are the descriptions and links:


Ten Core Principles for Trading the Stock Market


Trading stocks is simple, but not easy. During this one hour free webinar, founder Tyler Bollhorn will take you through 10 simple principles to guide your stock trading. Whether you are a short term active trader or a long term investor in stocks, these principles will help you achieve better returns and avoid painful losses.


How to Be a Successful Day Trader


What are the components required to be a successful day trader? In this video replay of a recent webinar that I did, I go in to how I came to be a day trader and what is necessary to do it well.


How to Be a Successful Investor


Want to know more about the Stockscores Approach to Investing? This webinar is a great place to start.


Stockscore Training Overview The Mentorship, Active Trader and Investor Programs

An overview of the trader training options offered by Stockscores.


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This week I ran the Abnormal Breaks Market Scans for the US and Canada and found the following two stocks that show good patterns.

MARA is breaking its downward trend line with a pick up in volume today, setting up for a swing trade that should see the stock do well over the next couple of weeks. Support at $0.62.

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CNCE has shown a big increase in volume today as it breaks out through the $15.50 level of resistance after recently breaking its downward trend line. Swing trade set up with support at $13.80.

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