Using the Stockscores Charts

Stockscores provides charts and the Stockscores indicators for stocks listed on the major North American markets. To view a chart, enter the symbol in the box above or in the upper left corner.

For US listed stocks, just enter the symbol.

For Canadian listed stocks, enter the market prefix followed by the symbol. For the TSX, enter the prefix T. so Suncor (SU) should be entered as T.SU. For the TSX Venture, enter the prefix V. followed by the symbol.

If you are unsure of the stock symbol, use the Symbol Search tool found under the Charting menu.

The Stockscores indicators are available on most stocks, provided the stock has traded for at least 200 trading days.

Add indicators and change chart settings using the Chart Options tab found below the large chart or beside the small chart.

For added functionality, including the ability to draw on the chart, use the Interactive Charts by clicking on the Interactive Chart button found top right.