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Jun 5, 2023 - Jun 28, 2023 Market Hours
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Abnormal Movers

US   Canada
Gainers Losers Gainers Losers
bearish OP bearish C.AAWH-U bearish T.WM bearish T.MX
bearish APRN bearish HCP bearish T.NWH.UN bearish T.CMG
bearish CVNA bearish FLGC bearish T.ALYA bearish V.UCU
bearish RGTI bearish LTRPB bearish T.MI.UN bearish T.T
bearish IDEX bearish SMAR - bearish V.TSLV

Most Active

US   Canada
bearish CVNA bearish TSLA bearish T.TD bearish V.FOM
bearish PLTR bearish NVDA bearish T.CVE bearish V.EU
bearish GME bearish AMZN bearish T.SHOP bearish V.NFG
bearish BAC bearish AAPL bearish T.SU bearish V.CRE
bearish UBER bearish AMD bearish T.CNQ bearish V.NILI

Sector Watch

US   Canada
Strong Weak Strong Weak
bearish $DSFD bearish $DSAX bearish $TXMC bearish $TXCT
bearish $DSTC bearish $DSHM bearish $TXEW bearish $TTTK
bearish $DSRT bearish $DSEL bearish $TXDC bearish $TTFS
bearish $DSSC bearish $DSTA bearish $TTCS bearish $TTHC
bearish $DSHV bearish $DSSL bearish $TTUT bearish $TTMT

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