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Wednesday, April 21, 2021 6PM PT

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Abnormal Movers

US   Canada
Gainers Losers Gainers Losers
bearish CELC bearish ITRM bearish T.LGO bearish T.ONC
bearish CBBT bearish IGMS bearish V.TMG bearish V.ARS
bearish AFMD bearish ONCY bearish V.ROS bearish V.WIN
bearish CGA bearish FVE bearish V.MVY bearish T.MND
bearish LGORF bearish APM bearish T.ZENA bearish V.XX

Most Active

US   Canada
bearish GME bearish AAPL bearish T.BB bearish V.HIVE
bearish AMC bearish TSLA bearish T.APHA bearish V.BITF
bearish NIO bearish QQQ bearish T.SU bearish V.FLT
bearish TWTR bearish CDXC bearish T.TD bearish V.DMGI
bearish CCL bearish MSFT bearish T.AC bearish V.CSTR

Sector Watch

US   Canada
Strong Weak Strong Weak
bearish $DSPC bearish $DSAX bearish $TXDC bearish $TTTK
bearish $DSCM bearish $DSHM bearish $TXEW bearish $TTFS
bearish $DSGU bearish $DSEL bearish $TXMC bearish $TTHC
bearish $DSRS bearish $DSTA bearish $TTCS bearish $TTMT
bearish $DSIS bearish $DSSL bearish $TTUT bearish $TXTW

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