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Stockscore User Guide

Symbol Search

The Stockscores Symbol Search tool allows you to identify the symbol of company whose name you know, a company name from a symbol that you know, or other search methods to find symbols of stocks that you are interested in following.

The Symbol Search tool can be accessed from the Tools menu of the Stockscores toolbar. The page allows you to search by Stock Symbol or Company name, using the filters Starts With, Contains or Ends With. You can also limit your search to a specific stock exchange or country.

Figure 1 - The Symbol Search tool allows you to filter for Stock Symbols or Company names to find the stocks you are looking for.

Results of a Symbol Search will be displayed in a table, with links to each stock that meets the criteria of your Symbol Search.

Figure 2 - the results of a Symbol Search are displayed in a results table, with links to the Symbols found with your search.

If you are having difficulty finding a symbol for a company name that you know, try using the Contains filter rather than Starts With. Company Names can sometimes contain extra words that you are not aware of, so using just part of the name and the Contains filter will make it easier to find the symbol.

It is possible to see all the stocks that contain certain combinations of letters. For example, Trust Units on the TSX market end in .UN, so doing a search for Stock Symbol Contains .UN will identify all the Trust Units that trade on the TSX market.

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