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Technical Support

Common Answers

I am having problems logging in.

If you cannot log in, your computer may be blocking the cookies necessary to access this site. You will know that your browser is not set up to allow any cookies because a message will be displayed when you try logging in.

If the message does not appear on the login page, then your browser accepts cookies and you will need to add the Stockscores website to browser's list of websites that are allowed to use cookies. To do this, follow the instructions that pertain to your browser:

Internet Explorer:
  1. Menu: Tools | Internet Options...
  2. Click on the Privacy tab
  3. Change the slide bar to Medium
  4. Click OK Twice
  1. Menu: Tools | Options...
  2. Check the box for Accept cookies from sites
  3. Click Close
  4. Click OK

  1. Consult your browser's Help section for information on how to change this setting.

Now try logging in again. If you still cannot log in please view the next question for other solutions.

I can not access the website when I log in, but I am sure I am logging in correctly. What could be wrong?

There are several reasons that you may not be able to login.
  1. You have an old Stockscores cookie saved on your system which is preventing a successful log in to the new site. Click here to force a logout and then try logging in again:

  2. You connect to the Internet through a proxy server or a network that does not allow our member system to use cookies properly. Try logging into your Stockscores account from another computer at a different location than the one you are having troubles with.

  3. You have firewall software on your computer (such as ZoneAlarm or Windows Firewall) which is blocking cookies. Try disabling the firewall and then logging into your Stockscores account. If you can login after disabling your firewall, please contact us for further assistance.

You may also try:
  1. Go to Control Panel/Internet Options
  2. Now select Advanced tab
  3. Under Reset Internet Explorer settings select Reset button
  4. Don't select Delete personnel settings
  5. Now select Reset button.

If you use Internet Explorer and still cannot log in after trying the above solutions, you may want to consider switching to a different browser. We suggest installing Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

How do I open multiple browser windows?

The Stockscores security system does not allow users to log in to the site under the same username from more than one computer. If you wish to open more than one browser window on the same computer, with more than one window accessing Stockscores under the same username, you must do the following:
  1. Open your browser
  2. Go to
  3. Log in with your username and password. You are now logged in. To open a second or subsequent browser window, press the CTRL and N key simultaneously on your keyboard while you are in the browser window that you logged in to Stockscores with. This will open another window on Stockscores, allowing you to use more than one Stockscores tool from different browser windows.
  4. To open a new tabl in modern browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer 7, right click on any link on the Stockscores website and select "Open in New Tab".

I am trying to sign up using my AOL email account but am not receiving the confirmation email. What is the problem?

Stockscores is unable to send the confirmation of registration email to AOL users. If you are an AOL user and wish to register for any of the Stockscores site memberships, please use a non-AOL email address such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.).

I am trying to watch a video but it is not working?

There are several reasons why you may not be able to view videos.
  1. The problem is most likely because you do not have a recent version of the Windows Media Player installed on your computer. Download Windows Media Player.

  2. The videos also require JavaScript 1.2 or higher. To enable JavaScript in your browser, please follow these steps:

    Internet Explorer:
    1. Menu: Tools | Internet Options...
    2. Click on the Security tab
    3. Click the Custom Level button near the bottom
    4. Scroll down the list to Scripting, Active scripting
    5. Click Enable
    6. Click OK Twice
    1. Menu: Tools | Options...
    2. Check the box for Enable JavaScript
    3. Click OK
    1. Consult your browser's Help section for information on how to change this setting.

  3. If you cannot see the entire video window, then you might have a popup blocker that is not allowing the video window to open. Please disable the popup blocker for

  4. Proxy servers and certain networks may not allow videos to be played properly. To test if this could be the problem, try viewing our videos from a different computer in a different network.

  5. We have come across problems with certain routers. If you connect to the Internet through a router, please try bypassing your router by plugging your computer directly into the modem that accesses the Internet. If you can play videos once the router is bypassed, then you may need to upgrade your router.


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