The Method and the Means to Make Money in the Market
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Tyler Bollhorn Do you know the secret to finding winning stocks? Hi, I am Tyler Bollhorn, founder of

What's Abnormal Activity?

Watch this video to find out.

For over 20 years, I have traded the stock market and tried countless methods for finding the next hot stock. Whether it was studying company fundamentals or applying common technical analysis indicators and systems, none of the traditional approaches to stock analysis worked. After a few years of frustration, I set out to find a better way.

I was just out of business school, completely broke but desperate to decode the stock market. I created a database of every stock that had made market beating returns, filling binders with printed stock charts. My aim was to reverse engineer the market, looking for common characteristics the hot stocks showed early in their market beating trends. I worked a lousy job at night so I could devote as much of the day to my analysis.

One day, I remembered an important lesson from a fourth year Finance class that I had taken while in University. In that class, we studied companies that had been bought out by another. Typically, these stocks made considerable gains when the market learned of the buyout. I dug up my notes and found a single page with an important formula taught to me by my professor. That discovery was the final ingredient I needed to pinpoint the next hot stock, the basis for most of the thousands of stocks trades I have made since.

Even today, my trading is still based on this one simple idea that continues to show itself in most market beating stocks early in their upward trend. You can use it to find low price penny stocks like this:

Or use it to find more expensive stocks like this:

You can use my approach all day as a day trader, an hour a day as a swing trader, 15 minutes a day as a position trader or even just 15 minutes a month as a long term trader. No matter what kind of stocks you like to trade or what length of time you like to hold stocks, you can apply my trading secret and find strong stocks.

Here is one more example of how my secret trade signal highlighted a hot stock early in the trend. Watch the video and you will learn how you can search for and find stocks like this:

How to use abormal activity?

To find the stocks trading abnormally, you need good tools and knowledge.

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  • is a revolutionary tool for researching stocks. Utilizing technical analysis principles with particular attention to high probability chart patterns, Stockscores has developed a scoring system that factors in many technical indicators, including RSI, MACD, Stochastics, Volume Accumulation and other proprietary components. What is unique is that Stockscores allows the user to scan the market using many different market filters. From penny stocks to small cap to large cap stocks, Stockscores covers just about every equity that trades on the NYSE, Nasdaq, Amex, TSX (formerly TSE) and TSX Venture (formerly CDNX). The Sector Watch tool ranks the market industry groups that trade in North America, while the Live Trading Room serves as a forum for short term traders to exchange trading ideas. Whether you prefer position trading, swing trading or day trading, has powerful tools that can help you find opportunities. And if you are looking to learn about the stock market, the site also offers stock market training courses designed to teach you the proven methods of founder Tyler Bollhorn.