The Method and the Means to Make Money in the Market
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 border= is a simple but powerful tool for evaluating the stock market, and making money from the opportunities that it identifies. The Stockscoring system allows users to determine whether a stock is worth considering, and helps to pinpoint potentially profitable trading opportunities. For more on how the Stockscores scoring system works, see "How to Use the Stockscores".

There are three critical elements in attaining success in the stock market; Knowledge, Tools and Experience.


In the Getting Started section of, you will find a User Guide for the web site as well as introductory essays describing important concepts for analysis using the Stockscores approach in the Basics area. To help you get started using the Stockscores Approach, there are also some trading methods explained in the Strategies section. In these areas, you will find a lot of valuable education completely free.

Learn the techniques of the Stockscores Approach with online video learning products, topics are always being added so please check back often. For those that are more serious about trading the stock market, we invite you to consider the Educational products available from These products have been developed by professional stock trader and Stockscores founder Tyler Bollhorn. Mr. Bollhorn has made as much as $55,000 in a single day trading stocks, and he is a great teacher.

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Do you want to know the Stockscores for a stock you own or are considering? The Quick Report will present the Stockscores Chart, the Stockscores Indicators and an Industry Chart for the chosen stock. You can access the Quick Reports from any page on by utilizing the Get the Stockscores Link at the top right of each page.

Armed with the easy to understand approach to the markets that Stockscores provides, you can now begin to harness the powerful tools that we offer. The Market Scan tool allows the user to scan all major North American markets for opportunities using a variety of filters. There are three levels of Site Membership for this tool. Stockscores Lite members can scan the market using the Stockscores filters completely free of charge. Stockscores Advanced members can use some of the Market Scan filters to identify longer term trading opportunities using the Stockscores Approach. Stockscores Pro members can utilize all of the powerful Market Scan filters to seek shorter term trading opportunities using the Stockscores Approach.

The Sector Watch provides an overview of the Stockscores indicators for stock market industry groups, allowing for a top down approach to identifying opportunities. Identify the strong sectors, and then look for the strongest stocks within that sector. focuses on chart analysis, so we have created a tool to track stocks and view their charts. The Portfolio Creator enables the user to create a batch of stocks to view using either the Slide Show Chart Viewer to view the charts one at a time, or the Gallery Viewer to inspect up to 10 charts at a time. The Portfolio Creator and Chart Viewer are great tools to ensure that you do not miss opportunities that you see shaping up.

The Risk Calculator will help you determine position size based on purchase price and loss limit prices. This is a key component of the Stockscores Approach to trading the stock market.

Finally, the Symbol Search tool makes it easy to find the stock symbol of a company you are interested in. For those wishing to look at Canadian symbols, remember to add the prefix to the symbol when calling up the charts on (T. for the TSX, V. for the TSX Venture).

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Trading the stock market profitably is relatively simple, but it is not easy. Our founder has done well in the market after years of fine tuning an approach that he finds to be consistently effective. Mr. Bollhorn knows more about the stock market and how to make money in than most, and he shares his experience through the Stockscores Education products and each day on our Live Chat feature. His free weekly newsletter, Perspectives , is read by thousands and offers insightful commentary on trading the market in a easy to read, often humorous fashion. Investors can also subscribe to the Daily Edition of Perspectives to get his latest outlook on the market and his stock picks. Traders looking to fine tune their trading and take their success to a higher level should consider personal coaching from Tyler Bollhorn

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Take some time to learn the basics of using, it will make you a better stock market trader. There is a wealth of knowledge and easy to use tools available on the site completely for free. Serious traders should consider the more advanced tools and educational products available. Come to often, we are always adding new tools and methods designed to help you make more money in the market.

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